What is ClubMark?
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1. What is ClubMark?

ClubMark is England Hockey's accreditation scheme for clubs. It is a national recognition of clubs who can demonstrate that they are working towards minimum operating standards. All clubs achieving England Hockey ClubMark also achieve the Sport England Clubmark accreditation, a nationally recognised award for sports clubs.

County Sports Partnerships and funding agencies are increasingly recognising these clubs and choosing to work with them as a priority. There are also a range of benefits, priority bookings and other services available to ClubsFirst clubs.

Clubs achieving the ClubMark award are recognised as working towards providing a Safe, Effective and Child Friendly hockey environment.

England Hockey ClubMark is designed to be a minimum operating standard for clubs to achieve to ensure they are functioning properly; it is a tool for clubs to check that they have the basics in place.

The Adders achieved ClubMark status in February 2021