2016-17 SEASON
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4. 2016-17 SEASON

Ladies 1sts in Division 1 of the Warwickshire League, Ladies 2nds in Division 3 and a NEW Adders Ladies 3rd team.....

With three Saturday Mens teams in the East Midlands Leagues and two Badgers sides the future looks bright.

The main aim for both of the promoted Ladies sides was to establish themselves in their respective Leagues. The Ladies 1sts, promoted to Div. 1, finished comfortably in mid-table while the 2nds, who had been promoted to Div 3, had a chaotic season as they had three captains, a regular churn of players and a mixed bag of results. Howver, despite the upheaval in the team, they also finished in mid-table.The NEW Ladies 3rd team, captained by Tracy Grabham, also completed their season with more defeats than victories, but have the makings of a good team.

The Mens 1sts at last began to get their act together. Captain Matt Hilton and Manager, Mick Thomas worked hard to establish a strong team ethic and it slowly began to have an effect. The return of the mighty Michael Pipe in goals, Stubby to the heart of defence and Jimmy Meer to the bench (joke) helped to establish a great team spirit. The side suddenly became difficult to beat, and the introduction of Ady Baker up front added a fire power that had been lacking for a few sasons. This season was also the start of the Adders Junior revolution! Peter Lancaster, Cameron Hobbs and Jacob Saunders started to establish themselves as vital members of the Adders 1st team squad. No doubt they will be there for years to come!

The Mens 2nds will be disappoined with their final league placing but will be pleased with a number of their performances. More consistency next season could see them challenging for a top three position. A position that was achieved by the young Adders 3rds in the 16-17 season. The side brimming with talent - most of it under 16, challenged for a top three place all season and was only beaten into third place on the final weekend of the season by an experienced Berkswell team.

The Badgers 1sts went through the season suffering only one league defeat, while the seconds ended up winning more games than they lost!