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1. Safeguard Policy 2023/24

Atherstone Adders Hockey Club

The purpose of this document is to protect and safeguard our U18 players and
The document outlines the good practice advice that all members need to follow.
It also outlines which people from our coaches, parents, managers, helpers,
captains, officers, volunteers, players etc – paid or in a voluntary capacity - need are
required to have a DBS check and/or barred list check.
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Responsibilities as a Club
The responsibilities of Atherstone Adders Hockey Club are:

  • Not to tolerate bullying of any form
  • To ensure all those that are eligible complete a DBS check (both enhanced
  • [and the Children’s Barred list) and that they are renewed every 3 years.
  • To ensure that the Club does not deploy (paid or unpaid role) anyone on
  • “regulated activity” unless they have completed a barred list check.
  • To ensure that a DBS check must be applied for within 4 weeks of the
  • individual being appointed to their role. (During this period, whilst waiting forthe completion of the DBS, an individual must be supervised by a DBScleared individual.)
  • To ensure that, if an individual refuses to apply for a DBS check that they
  • must immediately cease their role working with U18’s
  • To inform people prior to them taking on a role if it will require a DBS/barred
  • list check
  • To Inform England Hockey if the Club has a concern about a person and they
  • are working with a young person – whether they have had a DBS check or notOR require a DBS check or not.

Good Practice advice

England Hockey recommends all people working with U18’s have either a DBS
check and/or a barred list check. Atherstone Adders Hockey Policy will follow that
However, just because an individual has a DBS check does not mean that they are
not a threat to our U18’s, therefore Atherstone Adders Good Practise advice is as

  • No one adult, should be alone with an U18, no matter the venue –
  • car/changing room/toilet etc
  • Changing Rooms – It is club practise that U18’s and over 18’s can change
  • and shower in the same facilities, subject to the point above. If a child orparent does not feel comfortable with that arrangement, that is perfectly fine,but it is up to the parent/child to remove themselves from that situation.
  • No mobile phones are to be used inside changing rooms for photography
  • purposes.
  • All Parents/Carers are responsible for the safe delivery and collection of their
  • child from and to matches and training. It is not the responsibility of the club,coach or team manager to transport, or arrange to transport, the children toand from the club or match. The club welcomes the support of parents to givelifts but it is the responsibility of the parents to satisfy themselves that they arecomfortable with how their child is taken to and from a match or training. It isalso the responsibility of parents to inform coaches or team managers of anynon-attendance, delays or changes to pre-arranged collections and/or dropoffs of children.
  • •Over 18’s should not be communicating directly with U18’s via social media,
  • telephone or text. Communication should be directly with the Parent or Guardian of the U18 child.
  • If any person involved with the club has the slightest concern about the
  • welfare of an U18 then they must report that straight to a club officialimmediately and to the safeguarding officer as soon as practically possible.

We adopt England Hockey's Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey
Policy, Reporting Procedure and Best Practice Guidance, because we believe
everyone has the right to play in a safe and fun environment. The following link also
gives guidance to parents whose child is selected to play within senior hockey.
The club’s creation of a safe culture and environment will allow young people to
thrive within hockey and feel supported should there be a need to raise any
concerns. Any concerns can be raised with the Clubs Safeguarding Officer,, alternatively England Hockey at

DBS Eligibility Guidance –
1) Does the Activity involve:

  • Teaching, training, instructing, caring for or supervising children
  • OR
  • Providing guidance/advice on well being
  • OR
  • Driving a vehicle only for children
  • AND
  • Happens Frequently (once a week or more)
  • OR
  • Happens intensively (on 4 or more days in a 30-day period or overnight)

2) Is the role unsupervised?
If YES then they need an Enhanced DBS check AND a Barred List Check
If NO then just an Enhanced DBS check is required
NOTE – U16’s are not eligible for a check

Important Contacts
First point of Contact for all existing DBS enquiries:
For new and existing club members at Atherstone Adders hockey club contact for all
safeguarding issues:
Alternatively, report concerns about anyone working with young people:
Alison Hogg 01628 897500

For more details and to see much more about Atherstone Adders Hockey Club, go to, find us on Twitter at @Addershockey and also search for
us on Facebook and Instagram


Safeguard Policy 2023/24