Mens 2nds 5 - 2 Leicester 3rds

Scorers: Ray Mawee (2), Will Currie (2), Rory Kobrin
Players of the MatchRaj Mawee – Puppet master in control of the game and pulling all the right strings, plus he scored two goals and smelt beautiful.
Donkey of the Day: The Whole Currie Collective for abandoning us half way through the second half.

We knew Christian had bad news for us because the hamsters stapled to his face weren’t their normal cheery squeaky selves. If the hamsters are sad, we are all sad. He tried to break the news gently - not just one but all three of the Curries would have to leave the game 10 minutes into the second half – for a family meal, what a liberty! For a moment there was stunned silence and then Ciaran ran out of the changing room screaming. He zig zagged into both doors on the way out, the poor guy was distraught. Christian himself was on the verge of breaking down too but he stopped himself and casually looked around the changing room. Looking back at him with puppy dog eyes was a room full of Hockey Gods. He smiled, it was going to be a good day after all. And then he spotted Negus Senior, OK 95% a good day. We would just have to score loads of goals in the first half. Will Currie got the memo but no other Curries did!

Within 2 minutes of the start there was a goal mouth scramble and Will Currie managed to pop the ball in. The perfect start. Leicester were good and it was a proper end to end game thereafter. The WALL was excellent with newly fixed Chink and Ranj having excellent games, cherry picking and flat sticking the ball off the talented Leicester juniors. Negus and Jacob were unpassable in the middle of defence and Ciaran had another blinder. Luke in goals was still able to read every short corner they had but on one the ball bounced in the air before one of their forwards managed to get a stick on it to bounce it back again and it looped and bounced over all of our sticks. One all at half time and squeaky bum time. The Curries were leaving in 10 minutes! However our midfield and forwards were on fire. Rory Kobrin in particular had an excellent game, stretching their defence and causing all kinds of problems. He even scored one with a lovely tap in by being in the right place for a lovely cross. Even though Peter Lancaster’s sights still need recalibrating he made a huge difference to the game, allowing Raj and Will to get another goal each. The middle age fogies of Christian and Duracell Bunny Mad Dog were also on fire. One crazy moment was when their oldest player, who made Negus look young, ran all the way from his half through three of our players, including Jacob. The only person between him and our goal was Negus and we all know how those scenarios pan out! Negus was not sure whether to engage or not because he had two Leicester players to think about, the one he was already marking and Grandad. Ciaran and Jacob were chasing Grandad down and Negus made the decision to stick to his player because he could see Jacob was about to catch and club Grandad. Bad decision. Jacob didn’t quite get to Grandad in time and he stepped into the D and smashed the ball past Luke. It was 4 – 2 and the Curries were literally driving out of the school. We were told it was for a family meal but it later transpired that somebody had looked at Rob weirdly earlier that week and he needed Chris and Will’s help putting the body bag in the back of the car. Then another family trip out to the deep Mancetter Quarry before it got dark.

Down to 11 and no subs the Adders could have collapsed, especially as Leicester sensed the change. However the Adders played superbly. The WALL slowed the whole game down by making some beautiful passes backwards and forward around the back. Leicester got frustrated and started to lose their shape. Rory and Peter took advantage of the situation and ripped Leicester apart, allowing Raj to score a majestic reverse stick shot one inch inside the left hand post, although Raj was convinced that distance equated to 6 inches, he was quite adamant. His wife rolled her eyes from the side-line. Then with 7 minutes to go the Adders thought they were safe and lost a little concentration. One of their forwards broke free with only Luke in his way. Luke had no choice but to be a proper Adder WALL member. He slid way outside of his D and took the ball, player and 3 yards of astro turf with him, beautiful. It was like watching a Nuclear bomb go off. Negus and Ciaran doffed their caps in respect. If you are going to go down, you might as well go down in flames. It was a yellow card for Luke and a short corner. Christian had to make a choice of which player had to take the card instead of Luke. The first person he saw and the one the Hamsters were pointing frantically at was Rory. The hamsters don’t like Rory as they see him as a very slightly bigger threat – the Daddy hamster. So Rory took one for the team and spent the rest of the game off the pitch, well done mate and sorry – it had to be one of the forwards. With only 10 players on the pitch the WALL defended the short excellently as Luke the Ball whisperer knew where it was going to go. Ranj even started to get physically rampant with one of their junior forwards, such was his determination to see the game to a safe conclusion. In the end it was a comfortable 5-2 victory but at no point during the game did it feel comfortable.