Northampton Saints 2nds 1 v 9 Mens 1sts

Scorers: M.Webb(3), D.Johal(3), J.Wagg(2), C.Hobbs

Normal service resumed for the Adders this weekend with a devastating 9-1 away victory at Northampton Saints. Following last week’s poor 2nd half performance which lead to a morale-denting 3-2 defeat at Derwent, questions had rightly been asked about Webb’s ability to get the best out of his players, and even his competence as a coach.

This week, the Adders found themselves without stalwart defender and paceman, Lloyd Crowley, who had been drafted into the GB snowboarding team last minute and was away in Andorra. Things didn’t look any more promising in the pre-match team-talk as Martin, wholly bereft of ideas, asked the team to come up with their own thoughts. As the team spoke, a grateful Webb nodded along, thankful that he wouldn’t have to consult his ABC Hockey Coaching Picture Book. And so with our own inspiring words ringing in our ears, and with Webb himself challenging the team to perform, the Adders took to the pitch brimming with ill-deserved confidence and renewed vigour.
Things didn’t get off to the best start though - with a cruel winter sun sitting low on the horizon playing havoc with an unnamed Adders midfielder, and with an impulsive Saints team gambling on a high press, the host managed to turn over the ball deep in our half twice, which lead to an early first goal.
The resulting panic that ensued spread briefly through the Adders like an insanely virulent case of thrush. But for every such disease there is a soothing cream called Martin Webb, who struck a blow for the Adders’ health via a SC earned soon afterwards.
The rest of the half saw an increase in dominance for the visitors, with their hosts managing only the odd breakaway. However, the scores remained even and the half drew to a close with the sides at Even Stevens. Therefore the Adders trudged off in anticipation of the customary, bleak and dispiriting chat from player-coach, Webb. Things could have gone either way at this point, but thankfully we decided to ignore our skipper’s haphazard ramblings and go our own way.
The result was a second half onslaught of attacking brilliance which Saints couldn’t live with - goals started flying in from all over the place - Wagg (2), Cameron Hobbs, Ben Matthews & Sean Hirons all getting in on the action, plus a further 3 accidental goals from Webb.
By the time the final whistle came there were many things for temporary coach Webb to be delighted with, not least a pressure-lifting victory and a good performance, however he conceded that he wasn’t too happy with the emergence of Rob Currie. Speaking to reporters after the game, a concerned Webb spoke about the fledgling midfielder, “ Rob had an outstanding game. I’ve decided to drop him immediately as he possesses many of the same traits I have and we share the same position. If his hopes aren’t dashed straight away then his progress will be unstoppable.”