Long Buckby 2nds 2 v 1 Ladies 2nds

Scorers: Olivia Wilkins
DoD:: Olivia Wilkins
MoM: Olivia Wilkins

This week Ladies 2nds played Long Buckby away. In the first half we battled back and forth before Long Buckby scored the first goal of the match. However, within minutes Rachel E Roberts (Robbo) won a short corner and with the ball rebounding off the goalie’s leg, Olivia Wilkins swung for the ball and scored. In the second half the battle continued up and down the pitch with fairly equal possession throughout, though Long Buckby had several short corners awarded and couldn’t score! During open play, however Long Buckby outpaced the defence and scored putting the Adders under more pressure.
By the end of the match the score was 2-1 to Long Buckby. In our defence, the umpires were more biased as the match went on and we felt like we were playing against 13 by the end! (Witnessed by our Men’s 3s who were playing after us)