Regardless of the activity taking place, whether in a game or training, creating a safe environment for everyone involved in hockey is essential.

Essential Information for those planning any hockey activity

In accordance with England Hockey, Atherstone Adders Hockey Club strongly recommends that all clubs/ organisations and their members take the time to read and digest the policies and guidance. It is the responsibility of everyone within the sport to create a safe environment for all who participate.

To read the essential guide from England Hockey for anyone planning hockey activity please follow this link

Planning Safe Hockey - Do's & Don'ts

We all have a responsibility to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all those who play hockey; it is therefore important that we take steps to minimise risk to all engaged in hockey, enhancing their experience and reassuring players, parents and guardians. The rules of hockey are constantly evolving, therefore it is imperative that all those who plan and deliver hockey activity do so in a way that ensures the safety of all involved in our sport.

Planning Safe Hockey - Warm-Ups

Please take time to take a look at the poster on Warming-Up. It is the responsibility of Captains and Coaches to ensure that all hockey activity is supervised and any activity that compromises safety should be stopped.

Planning Safe Hockey - Safety FAQ's

In hockey, in most instances there is only a very low risk of injury taking place. However, there are steps that our players, clubs and everyone associated with the sport can take to make the game as safe as possible. This document from England Hockey shares best practice and information relating to frequently asked questions.