The Adders WELCOME PACK is a set of documents that set out what we offer to our members and also what we expect in return from our members

Please take time to download and read through the contents of this pack. The Adders Membership Form may have already been handed to you by your Captain, if not then please download and complete. Please return your 2020-21 Membership Form to your Captain or a member of the Committee by the end of October 2020, along with any fees that are due. 

Policies and documents that you should read:

1) Membership Form 2020-21* 6) Club Selection Policy
2) Playing Costs 2020-21 7) Club Disciplinary Policy
3) Team Playing Kit 2020-21 8) Social Media Policy
4) Adders Contacts 9) Child Protection Policy
5) Players Code of Conduct 10) Vacant Committee Roles


*When you sign your Membership Form you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of all of the Policies and Procedures above for the 2020-21 season.

The Adders Offer

·       Weekly matches for all ages and abilities

·       Weekly training sessions for all ages and abilities.

·       Training and Coaching sessions geared to specific teams.

·       Regular social activities

·       Opportunities to get involved with any of the Management Committees

·       Volunteer opportunities for Coaches, Administrators, Fundraisers and for Social Events

·       Regular communication with our members via newsletters,website & social media

·       A robust Child Protection policy that is overseen by a named member of the Committee

·       An inclusive and affordable membership fee

·       A scholarship scheme for students

In return we expect our members to:

·       Learn and play by the rules of the game

·       Pay all subscriptions and fees due to the club on time and in full

·       Be a good sport - win with modesty, lose with dignity

·       Respect team-mates, umpires and the opposition

·       Recognise and applaud good play

·       Wear the Adders colours with pride!


Please download, complete and sign the Adders Membership Form for 2020-21.

Also you will need to complete the Consent Form on the England Hockey website to agree to participating in Hockey under COVID-19 restrictions. Without completing this form you will not be able to play. Sign it HERE

If you are already a member of the Club, then you will be handed a pre-populated form containing the information that we already have about you. Please update the form, if necessary, sign it and hand it back to your Captain or a member of the Committee by the end of October. When you hand over your Membership Form it is also important to pay your Annual Membership Fee at the same time. Any regular players who have not paid their annual subscription by 1st November 2020 may not be eligible to play for the club until their subs are paid in full.

Atherstone Adders Hockey Club provides fantastic 'value for money' when it comes to playing costs. We have looked at all other local hockey Clubs and can say that our costs are much more competitive than our nearest rivals.

The Club expects players in senior teams to pay an Annual Subscription plus a small Membership fee to Atherstone Sports Club, where we eat and socialise after all home games. We also expect Seniors to pay a Weekly Match fee. The weekly match fee also covers any mid-week training costs. The Club provides a team shirt for matches (which needs to be handed back after every game) and also provides a loan of a team skort or set of shorts.

Junior fees are collected annually. The costs cover all coaching sessions, but do not cover match day fees which are usually collected on a 'pay as you play' basis. 

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Atherstone Adders Hockey Club is committed to ensure that all playing sides look the part and give a good impression of the Club on the field of play.

Atherstone Adders Hockey Club has a contract with Samurai Sports to supply all official Club kit. This includes playing tops, socks, shorts and skorts. When playing matches for the Adders the Club expects you to wear the appropriate team kit. Mens and Ladies First teams must wear Samurai kit only. All other teams should wear Samurai kit where available.

For further details of the Clubs playing kit policy, please read the attached document.

All Club kit can be bought through the Club Shop



Download this file (Adders team Kit 20-21.pdf)Adders team Kit 20-21.pdf385 kB

Atherstone Adders Hockey Club is administered by a group of volunteers and includes a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary as well as several other vital roles that enable the Club to run smoothly.

If you have any issues over the way that the Club is run then feel free to address them to the Club Chairman, Joseph Kobrin. Similarly, as a player, if you have any issues over selection, team captaincy or anything to do with playing then feel free to contact Club Captain, Aiice Burridge.

For contacts to do with fixtures, umpires, joining the Club or anything else, then take a look at the attached document which contains much more contact information. Alternatively take a look at our Committee page.



Atherstone Adders Hockey Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well being of all its members. The Club believes that it is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents associated with the Club should, follow the guidelines below at all times: 

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Atherstone Adders Hockey Club is committed to the development of all members, both junior and senior. The Club will always act in the best interests of the individual; they are the future of our Club and of hockey in general.

The attached policy sets out how and when players are selected. It also sets out a timeline for both Players and Captains to respond to availability.

The policy also sets out a process where players can complain if they feel that they are not being treated fairly at Selection meetings.

The Club aims to ensure that our members are given every opportunity to reach their full potential whatever level that may be (Regional, County, League social or otherwise).

A players conduct on the field of play is the responsibility of the individual player. Conduct should be in accordance with the England Hockey Code of Conduct and will be reinforced by the respective Team Captains, Coaches or Managers.

To help maintain and improve the reputation of the Club, all players are asked to read and to adhere to the Club Disciplary Policy as laid out in the attached document. There is information about Green, Yellow and Red card incidents and how the Club will deal with them.

It is the responsibility of Atherstone Hockey Club to take child welfare very seriously. We want to ensure the well-being of children is of the upmost importance so they can take part in hockey in a safe environment. 

The attached document outlines our responsibilities as a Club and gives guidance, in accordance with England Hocley's recommendations, for coaches, players, volunteers, parents and helpers.

Part B explains who will receive a DBS check once they become Club Members.

If you want to report a Child Welfare issue you can email or talk directly to any Club Official or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Atherstone Adders Hockey Club has its own website, Facebook pages for Adults and Juniors as well as Twitter & Instagram accounts. All of these social media channels help us promote what's happening at the Club and to share information very quickly.

If you are a member of the Club then you have access to all of these different information channels and so you should use that power wisely.

Think before you post!

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There are two vital roles that are currently vacant on the Committee.

1) The Press and Media role is a vital link to members via newsletters and social media, and also provides a link to external local Press Contacts

2) The Social Secretary comes up with a calendar of social events and helps to organise them with the help of others.

Read more about both roles here. If you are interested in either opportunity then contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this file (Adders Club press and media JD18.pdf)Press and Media376 kB
Download this file (Adders Club Social Sec JD18.pdf)Social Secretary371 kB