Chairman's Report 19-20

Covid-19 changed the way we ended our season, but looking back over the past year, we have done the Adders Proud again. Along with the Atherstone Sports Club we are aiming to make sport in North Warwickshire accessible to all. Creating a culture where sport is a life style choice. And one of my dreams is to build the biggest hockey club in North Warwickshire, and we are well on track with a new Mens 4th Team making their debut this season, and the pilot of Hockey Heroes, we have been very busy. We thought we might have to reduce the number of Badgers Teams this year because we called up players to join the Mens and Ladies leagues, but the formula is working so well, we were still able to field two full teams again. Our age groups were well represented again this year with an Adders presence at all the County interclub tournaments and invitational’s was noticed again.

Team of the Season Mens 1sts. (Captain: Martin Webb, Manager: Mick Thomas)
Clubman of the Season Eddie Parsons
Wintersgill Award Storm Strugnell

Our teams have shone on some platforms again this year, and our Mens 1st team did the club proud again. With changes to the league this year, we needed to settle in to the new structure and as a result of our great performance, our 4th Team got promoted too. Even if just to a newer stronger league. Our Ladies first, did not get to fight for their place in their league, due to the shortened season, and risked being relegated, but fortune favours the brave, and we earned a place again in the league for new season. The rest of the team, buckled down and regrouped this year, with fresh talent coming through the ranks, next year looks very promising.
On a social front, we enjoyed good team spirit, and encouraged players to comeback for teas and to be part of the banter.
I have avoided the speaking about the Lockdown, but we have all been affected by the upheaval caused, and some have endured hardship as a result. So I encourage you to reach out to your team mates and the Adders in general. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and NO it is not a train coming the other way, it is the new season. Adders are resilient, and I have attended a few of the teams awards evenings, and they have given me confidence that we have the strength and variety across the club to face the changes.
In closing I will say Tough Clubs Last, tough times don’t! – Adders – “Ave-it”

Team of the year: I have watched with interest as the teams in the club, have gone to battle every week, getting stronger, and more resilient. Towards the end of the season two teams started to stand out as candidates for this award. I spent a lot of time mulling over the merits of the teams, and counting goals, outcomes and possibility of promotion. Having two teams that achieved promotion made it even more difficult. So if you have not already guessed, the two teams that made the shortlist are the Mens 1st Team and the Mens 4th Team. And it was close, but............. in the end the Mens 1st Team took the trophy. Congratulations to the team.

Club person of the year: This year many people could have qualified for this award, and many did make the list. I whittled the list down, getting feedback from team, captains, parents and umpires. The person who I have chosen this year, stepped up, we all looked lost and in disarray, and took the lead without being asked, helping me with planning and activies, running teams, driving all over the county on the weekend, to make sure other teams had the players and managers needed. He also allowed me to play for his team, and support the Badgers. This year the Club person of the year goes to Eddie Parsons.

Mark Wintersgill Award: This award is in honour of the selflessness Mark Wintersgill, who above and beyond in his lifetime to make the Adders a welcoming and friendly club. After Mark passed away a few years ago, we decided to honour Mark with this ward, and present it to those that regularly went above and beyond for the club. This year I had a few nomination, but also a number of nominations for this person, who umpired numerous games, played in multiple games and was always there for their team mates, week in and week out, apologied for not being available, and always showed what it was to be an Adder. This year the Wintersgill Award goes to Storm Strugnell.

Club Awards 2019-20

Congratulations to all of our Award winners for the 2019-20 season. Here is a list of all the winners for the Saturday League and Friendly teams.
For a list of all of the Junior Awards, then follow this link.

Congratulations to everyone who won an award in this most testing of seasons!

 Clubman of the Year  Eddie Parsons
 Mark Wintersgill Award  Storm Strugnell
 Young Player of the Year  Robert Currie
 Most Improved Junior Player of the Year (female)  Liv Wilkins
 Most Improved Junior Player of the Year (male)  Jack Negus
 Most Improved Player of the Year  Tracy Kobrin
 Ladies 1st Team Outstanding Achievement Award  Rachael Probert
 Ladies 1st Team Players’ Player  Leanne Edden
 Ladies 2nd Team Player of the Year  Rachel E Roberts (Robbo)
 Ladies 2nd Team Players’ Player  Neve Connor
 Ladies 3rd Team Player of the Year  Tracy Kobrin
 Ladies 3rd Team Players' Player  Zoe Connor
 Mens 1st Team Player of the Year  Cameron Hobbs
 Mens 1st Team Players' Player  Martin Webb
 Mens 2nd Team Player of the Year  Raj Mawee
 Mens 2nd Team Players' Player  Chris Currie
 Mens 3rd Team Player of the Year  Grant Kobrin
 Mens 3rd Team Players' Player  Steve Labram
 Mens 4th Team Player of the Year  Cameron Ford
 Mens 4th Team Players' Player Harry Machin


Some of the folk who came along to the presentation night on 12th June 2020

Mens 1sts 19-20

Another very successful campaign for the Men’s 1s winning our league for the third consecutive season. The squad again underwent a transition as we lost a few players from last year but continued in our ethos of bringing through home grown junior players with potential. Rob Curry and Jack Negus in particular quickly adapted to first team hockey and demonstrated they were comfortable at this level. We won 18 of the 20 games we played only losing away to the second and third placed teams due to a combination of underperforming on the day and the absence of our managerial talisman Michael Thomas. We had another successful National Cup campaign beating some tough opposition including another thrilling quarter final victory over Southampton until COVID-19 prevented us from fulfilling our semi-final fixture vs Lewes.

*STOP PRESS* - Mens 1sts win Tier 3 EH Knockout Final beating Southport 2-1 following 4-0 victory away at Lewes.

Team Mens 1st
Season 2019-20
Captain Martin Webb
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Position
  18 2 0  1
Player of the season Cameron Hobbs
Players Player Martin Webb
A really good and pleasing season in some ways and a little frustrating in others. I think we have made excellent progress and we now have 4 different types of press we can use as well as 2 formations we can alter between. It was at times a case of us setting our own performance expectations to play to due to inferior opposition, but credit must be given to the way we have come together and improved as a team to the fact we are now beating a lot of these teams comfortably.
There are concerns that we have become too comfortable with winning games easily and when we have to grind it out are unfamiliar with the effort and attitude required to do so. We lost 2 of our 3 close games all be it in very different circumstances. A lot of the team commented their most enjoyable game was the 1-0 loss away to Nottingham uni (even though we beat them 4-0 at home earlier in the season). it was a refreshing change to be subjected to a good challenge on the pitch which we were able to learn from and helped identify what we need to improve. We are very much looking forward to more challenging games in what promise sot be a tougher league next season.
It was pleasing to see Will hve more to do in goal and he made some big saves in some big moments, something that is great ot see in his development. He still managed to score one outfield goal too this season! Hopefully we wont be afforded that luxury next year.
Jake Hobbs, Jack Negus, Rob Curry all played the majority of games for us and performed really well. I am looking forward to seeing how they continue to develop next year if they are still around). Cameron Hobbs improved a lot last year and was my player of the season, we wish him all the best at Cardiff Met Uni for the next few seasons. Hopefully we will have the talented Will Currie to step into his shoes, I am really looking forward to seeing his potential.
Another one under the belt, some good steps forward, but hopefully now into a more challenging league!


Ladies 1sts 19-20

A premature end to the season meant the Ladies 1s missed their chance to fight their relegation battle. Who knows what the result would have been had we played the rest of the season?
Unfortunately the Ladies 1s finished the year in 11th place in the league and in the relegation zone. We should not be disheartened by the result as we know this season has brought numerous challenges and we have learnt a lot.
Next season we will need to build on what we have learnt this season as well as draw on experience from our previous winning ways and develop new methods for success. 2020-21 season - bring it on!
*STOP PRESS** - Ladies 1sts saved from relegation as Leagues are reformed.....

Team Ladies 1sts
Season 2019-20
Captain Alice Burridge
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Position
  3 13 6  11
Player of the season Rachel Probert
Players Player Leanne Edden
  • Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic the WWHL season was finished early. This meant the Ladies 1s did not have a chance to fight their relegation battle. As such they will be playing in WWHL Division 2 next season.
  • Following the departure of several players to university last season the Ladies 1s were pleased to be able to recruit some quality players into the section this season.
  • It has been a season of learning to adapt to a very different coaching style to previous seasons and developing our work as a new team. Some aspects of this have been more successful that others!
  • Various injuries, travels and pregnancy have meant that despite our recruitment of players over the summer we have often only been able to play with a squad of 12 or 13. It has been great to see the team bond and get to know each other as well as everyone be open to new styles of play and trying new positions.
  • There has been a continued great club spirit across the ladies teams this season to ensure all 3 ladies teams got a squad out each week and got to play their matches.
  • Next season will be a different contest with many unknowns both in terms of the opposition we will face and if the league will be able to restart in the same format we are used to. I am confident that the Ladies 1s will rise to the challenge and it won’t be long until we rediscover our winning ways.


Mens 2nds 19-20

Another good season, finishing 4th in the league.
Started strongly and then faded away in the 2nd half of the year. Lot’s of positives, with a transitional year the Mens 2’s will likely be the same in 2020-21 due to losing players to University etc, and with Juniors potentially coming through. Raj Mawee awarded Player of the year due to his overall impact every week.

Team Mens 2nds
Season 2019-20
Captains Christian Maloney
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Position
  11 8 1 4
Player of the season Raj Mawee
Players Player of the Season Chris Currie

Another good season, finishing 4th in the league. Started strongly and then faded away in the 2nd half of the year.
Lot’s of positives, with a transitional year the Mens 2’s will likely be the same in 2020-21 due to losing players to University etc, and with juniors potentially coming through. Raj Mawee awarded Player of the year due to his overall impact every week.
Rory Kobrin and Ben Oldham have been stand out new players for the team, and come next season will be relied upon to step up and take responsibility for their own actions on the pitch, with work effort (around the whole squad) being somewhat of a limiting factor to success.

Ladies 2nds 19-20

A challenging season for the L2s with a very new and inexperienced team. However we encouraged and coached our juniors and developed as a team over the season. Our match play improved and we were able to play some good hockey which allowed us to finish 1 below mid table. We look forward to building on this next season.

Team Ladies 2nds
Season 2019-20
Captain Belinda Negus
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Position
  9 10 5  7
Player of the season Rachel E Roberts (Robbo)
Players Player Neve Connor
Last season the L2s narrowly avoided being relegated so this season we were determined that this would not happen again. We started the season scraping a side together as we had lost 7 players from last season, 2 to play for the L1s, 1 to university, 1 to injury and 3 sadly decided to not play anymore. So we enlisted the help of the L3s using some badgers (who had not played any senior hockey) and juniors who had played L3s last season. They all proved themselves more than capable and so they stayed! Unfortunately our lack of match experience showed and we struggled to win games. We did not let this worry us and the more experienced players took it upon themselves to coach our juniors and bring them on. Occasional double ups from the 1s helped to bring players on as well. Training and having Cam Hobbs coach on the sideline whenever possible, also made a huge impact and we put some good match play together in the second half of the season. More importantly though, we created a great camaraderie and team spirit which helped bring the team together. However it wasn’t all plain sailing, in fact the ladies section felt that the whole universe was against us as we had injuries, illness and very inconsistent availability making it challenging to put 3 teams out on a Saturday. The L2s were the lucky ones as on the whole we managed to have similar players most weeks.
A special thanks has to go to Ray Small and Storm Strugnell, stepping in to cover the 1s games when Michaela broke her arm. And also to Dan, our number 1 supporter who helped with subbing, stategy and team talks!
A solid performance to finish just below mid-table and lots for the team to build on next season.


Ladies 3rds 19-20

The Ladies 3s struggled to find consistency and therefore the progression needed to bring about success in the league but has undoubtedly benefited from improved integration with other parts of the section this season. Through injury and competing commitments, we experienced variable player availability. There was also quite a turnover of players, some of whom have come and gone but an important few have remained and are well set to become part of the core, helping us to grow next year and beyond.

Team Ladies 3rds
Season 2019-20
Captain Nicky Lancaster
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Position
  5 14 5  12
Player of the season Tracy Kobrin
Players Player Zoe Connor
The Ladies 3s struggled to find consistency and therefore the progression needed to bring about success in the league but has undoubtedly benefited from improved integration with other parts of the section this season. Through injury and competing commitments, we experienced variable player availability. There was also quite a turnover of players, some of whom have come and gone but an important few have remained and are well set to become part of the core, helping us to grow next year and beyond.
The real positive for this season has been closer cooperation and cohesion with other parts of the section, with Ladies Captains taking very much a joint approach to the issues and challenges they each faced. This began with spending the summer of 2019 on the task of securing replacement coaches in time for its start.
Before the Coronavirus crisis deprived us of our last four matches and in the face of availability challenges across the section, the 3s were able to field teams for all of our fixtures. This would not always have been possible without the generous and willing support of many of the Ladies 2s players – most notable of these being Storm Strugnell, Hannah Matheson, Neve Connor and Emily Negus. Supporting and feeding players up to the higher teams is an important part of what we do but it is true to say that, despite reciprocating where we could, we were net beneficiaries this season. This and a more joint approach to training has, however, had the advantage of improving our players’ understanding of the game and will hopefully in time help bring more consistency in how we play across the teams, smoothing the way for those who move through the different squads. During the year we happily saw the introduction of 4 prospective younger players and began to prepare them for the move to senior hockey in 2020-21, working closely with Badgers to manage this transition. This also came to an unfortunate halt but the plan remains in place for when the time is right to pick things up again.
All of this and with at least another 2 promising youngsters waiting in the wings to come of age leaves me optimistic about taking things forward into the next season.


Mens 3rds19-20

This year was always going to be a development year for the Men’s 3rd as the 3rd and 4th team captains looked to support both teams.
Following a strong start to the year with a 4 – 1 win on the opening the day of the season, the 3rds found it difficult to convert good performances into points. The league was very competitive with 5 teams eventually finishing within 5 points of each other at the bottom of the table.
A strong run of form in the last six games saw the 3rds move to safety before the season was brought to an early end by COVID-19. The run included 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.
The skipper will be looking to take that form into the 2020/21 season!!

Team Mens 4ths
Season 2019-20
Captains Antony Hobbs
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Position
  8 11 1  8
Player of the season Grant Kobrin
Players Player of the Season Steve (the cat) Labram

The establishment of the Men’s 4th team this year was a significant step forward in the development of the Men’s playing section. At the start of the season the 3rd and 4th captains agreed to work collaboratively with the aim of supporting the juniors develop through the senior section and to ensure that the newly formed 4th team had a good balance of youth and experience.
The third team competed strongly throughout the year with the highlights being good home wins against our two local rival Nuneaton and Ashby. Scoring goals wasn’t a problem with the team averaging over two goals per game. However defensively we always looked a little vulnerable and that will be a focus for the 2020/21 season. The low point was scrapping a draw away at Nuneaton, after going 3-0 up.
Special mention needs s to go to Steve Labram, who again lived up to his nick name the Cat, with a number of outstanding saves throughout the season. Also the three juniors Ellis Brown, Joel Bickley and Harry Barlow, who massively improved as the year progressed. Towards the end of the season, it was difficult to remember that they were playing badgers hockey less than 12 months ago.
With the backline of Riccardo Tomassoni, Martin Stott and Stuart Batchelor and James Bickley the 3rds we were not short of experience and cunningness, however did struggle against pace on occasions . The additions of John Taylor and Harry Barlow later in the season created a bit more balance at the back.
The midfield of Grant Kobrin, Steve Day, Harry Batchelor and Joel Bickley was well balanced, Steve and Grant put themselves with 100% commitment as you would expect from a seasoned Adder. The youngsters of Harry and Joel showed some moments of brilliance that always left the team wanting more.
The frontline was a balance of youth and experience, Ellis Brown provides the youth with the experience coming in the form of the skipper Antony Hobbs, Brent Glover and Lee Smith. There were a number of excellent finishes, the reverse thunder bolt hit by Brent and the lovely lob over the keeper by Lee will last long in the memories. There were also a few howlers; let’s just say we need to work on our penalty flicks!!
I would also like to say a massive thank you for all the other players that supported the team throughout the season, a special thank you to Freddie Chiverton and Charley Treharne, who played across both the 3rds and 4ths this year.
For those interested in the numbers… 41 players made at least one appearance, with 9 players completing 18 or more appearances and the top 5 being:

  • Joel Bickley 22
  • Steve Labram 21
  • Grant Kobrin 21
  • Antony Hobbs 21
  • Ellis Brown 21
  • We scored 44 league goals and conceded 48.

Finally I a big thank you to the team, for me hockey is about playing hard both on and off the pitch, we had a great team moral both before the game, on the pitch and in the club house, was really great to be part of.


Mens 4ths 19-20

Following an inauspicious start – Old Sils cancelling and conceding the first league game of the season at short notice – the Mens 4s enjoyed a successful debut season. Only those of a certain heritage will remember the last time that the Adders fielded four men’s teams on a Saturday! Whilst Covid-19 had the final say, scuppering the last two games, the Adders signed off in style with a 10-2 demolition of Nuneaton 3rds in what proved to be the final day of the season. Up the Adders!

Team Mens 4ths
Season 2019-20
Captains Eddie Parsons
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Position
  14 4 2  3
Player of the season Cameron Ford
Players Player of the Season Harry Machin

Establishing the new Mens 4s team had been a “no-brainer” given the success of the Juniors and Badgers in recent years and the numbers now ready to progress to senior hockey. Massive congratulations and thanks are due to all those who have supported these players over the years and to the players themselves for their commitment to hockey. On paper, the 4s appeared likely to be a very young side. The Mens 1s and 2s moved quickly to dispel this notion grabbing the pick of the crop and feasting on Currie, the Mens 3s identified some great talent and so the 4s took on a more balanced look. With John Woodhead celebrating 25 years with the Club and the sole survivor from the last Mens 4 campaign, partnering with old heads Parsons and Ford, together with the young gun Scott Rouse at the back, the Adders defence wasn’t short of experience. It may have been short of speed, but thankfully opposition teams failed to recognise this. With notable mentions for the two keepers Colin Rouse and Dan Fairs – not many teams at this level travel with two keepers – the Adders defence conceded just 25, a league best matched only by runaway leaders Olton.
The not so young Kevin Guest led a youthful attack – Charlie Townsend, Freddie Chiverton and Alex Kobrin being very consistent performers. However, the season’s plaudits really belong to those playing in midfield. It’s a tough ask bridging the gap between a defence that is a little reluctant to break forward and a forward line not noted for taking its defensive responsibilities seriously. Whilst great progress was made during the course of the season and both forwards and defenders amended their ways, the midfield stood strong throughout. Harry Machin and Cameron Ford have taken the awards, but Charlie Treharne was a mighty impressive recruit from the Badgers and Dan Robbins a most welcome recruit from the fringes of the Ladies set-up midway through the season. Well done all!

For those interested in the numbers… 10 players shared the responsibility of goalscoring, the leading three marksmen being:
Kevin Guest 13
Charlie Townsend 8
Harry Machin 7

28 players made at least one appearance, with 9 players completing 16 or more appearances (80%) and the top 5 being:
Alex Kobrin 18
Scott Rouse 18
Shane Ford 18
Eddie Parsons 17
Joseph Kobrin 17

Congratulations and thanks to all for their support in making this a season to remember!  


Badgers 1sts & 2nds 19-20

Our two Badgers teams have shown exceptional commitment to their Saturday Badgers League Hockey. We fulfilled every fixture with each team playing 14 games each as well as each other on two occasions. The Badgers 1sts claimed many fine victories against the likes of Leamington, Nuneaton, Coventry NW, Sikh Union and Rugby EW. The Badgers 2nds improved as the season went on with their highlight games being two draws against Nuneaton and Warwick Bears. A big thankyou to all the senior players and mentors who made both these team possible.

Team Badgers 1sts & 2nds
Season 2019-20
Captains Yvonne Davies, Sally Oldham
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Played
Badgers 1sts 8 3 3  14
Badgers 2nds 0 12 2  14
Player of the season Isabelle White (1sts) Ashton Azzopardi (2nds)
Most Improved Players Kayden Forryan and Emily Bewsher (1sts), Edward Kobrin (2nds)

Badgers 1sts: Wow ---- what a season for a team that came together in October whereby half of you didn’t know each other and never played on a full-size pitch. However, you all became friends and team mates quite quickly which has reflected in the games and the outstanding result of; Played 14 - Won 8/ Drew 3 / Lost 3 Each game went from strength to strength, skills improving all the time and the understanding of positional play being positive. Only losing 3 games (2 of those to Rugby’s ‘golden squad’) showed how mature and enthusiastic the team had become. At times feet got in the way (no names mentioned) forgetting there was a game on, being cold and shivering due to lack of clothing, fabulous hair styles, dodging warm ups - to name a few team antics that helped jell the team spirit. We could mention individuals within the team and how they contributed on and off the pitch but all of you were just awesome. It was a pleasure and honour to watch and play with such a great team and may the team spirit and wins continue.
Yvonne & Donna

Badgers 2nds: The youngest Adders Saturday league squad proved themselves to be a very determined team. For many it was their first leap into full pitch hockey and they rose to the challenge brilliantly. Although they found themselves facing many much older experienced teams they never gave up and this was rewarded with two well fought end of season games against Nuneaton and Warwick where their teamwork earned them a well deserved draw. They lost several games but always played in true Adders spirit that drew many compliments from the clubs they played against. The improvements every player has made as an individual and their development as team is something all those involved should be very proud of.
Sally Oldham


Adder U14's 19-20

A big "thank-you" and support from the Senior and fellow Coaching staff, players and mentors making the sessions both enjoyable and productive. This was a season like no other. We had a mix of B1’s and B2’s and made a good go of it.
We went from being dominated at the Rugby tournament to being undefeated at Nuneaton and would have won the tournament until a crucial goal from Leamington. Surely, we would have maintained our title at Sutton and hosted a great Adders Tournament. We finished on a high and all the hard work in the background paid off.

Team Adders U14's
Season 2019-20
Captains Jaz Randhawa, Emma Snowden, Leanne Edden
SUMMARY Won Lost Drawn Played
Rugby 0 3 1 4
Hampton 0 1 0 1
Nuneaton 2 0 2 4
Player of the season Jacob Trollope & Zachary Haywood
Most Improved Players Emily Dipple & Mimi Currie

First, a big 'Thank-You" and support to all the Senior and fellow Coaching staff, Club players and mentors who made the sessions both enjoyable and productive.
This was a season like no other... a season that fell short because of nature and science with the Adders and Sutton Coldfield’s tournament cancelled because of adverse weather conditions.
After looking after the Badgers 1’s and 2’s last season with success, and taken over by Martin Webb, who only lasted a few weeks; myself, Emma and Leanne had to look at approaching our session from a different angle. We needed to incorporate a lot of fun activities at this stage of youth development and adopted our notes used from the Coaching course @ Belper Hockey Club in Summer 2019 in we are thankful for the Clubs funding towards this.
We had a lot of newcomers to the game, from different areas of the globe to pick up a stick and join in on the fun. We had a mix of Badgers B1s and B2’s who don’t train together. With that being said, we made a good go of it.

The first tournament was always going to be the hardest with new faces and last-minute decision for times resulting in a late message sent to parents. This was a tourney to try and understand one other to assess positions and what is good for us and where improvements are required. We lost our first game against Khalsa Leamington 1’s and realised it was going to be a tough day. Us Coaches had a chat and decided to make it more solid at the back with a change of formation and crawled it back in the second game and drew against Khalsa Leamington 2’s. The finale against Rugby was the ultimate test and the best performance by the team on the day and work rate was impeccable. We did very well against the national champions and made some calls from behind the goal.
After the tournament we realised this will be more of a challenge than we thought and noticed the basics were very poor and looked at ways both visually and verbally to get the best out of the individuals to make a good team.

Most other teams dropped out of the tournament, so we only had to play the hosts. We played against a team which we were sure had over 14’s fielded and had a chat at half time after conceded 7 goals with hardly any strikers. I had a chat with Tom and Max and said to them to control the midfield and work together. The second half was better only conceding 2 goals. We noticed that a couple of new kids didn’t play in the positions they have played for and changed this up.
Basics were still poor.

Nuneaton was a success and the hard work paid off with all kids available such as Sophie and Jacob for this one. We were undefeated and managed to make a name for the Adders.
At this stage we were happy with the below for the next of development and allow the kids to pick a session they prefer most.
We developed the sessions further with use of leads and allow for the kids to gel and took direction well.

Use of handouts – ‘Develop opportunity to enhance skill’ with links to Hockey Heroes TV and Herzberger TV. List of how each role plays a part in the team, including substitutes. What we covered and what is planned in the coming weeks to add structure in the season. The structure we pencilled in were.

Week 1 – passing, feel the ball. Week 2 – dribbling (English and Indian), noughts and crosses game
Week 3 - Pass and follow (Triangles) Week 4 – game to test improvement but basics skill need work.
Week 5 - Movement off the ball and skills drill (roll out, V Drag and change direction Week 6 – Goal time slap, hit, reverse
Week 7 – Tackling and Shoot Week 8 - defence vs attack
Week 9 - skills drill and game Week 10 - performance review

After the Xmas break, Myself and Emma were given the opportunity to go back to work with the Badgers 1’s which proved successful following the result in the second half of the season and we thoroughly enjoyed. Leanne had successfully found a job which meant she was no longer available for the session but manage to come the school holidays session
I never managed to use my appraisal forms but hope to use these in the coming season to give feedback to the players wanting feedback for development.
We look forward to the Summer and look forward to the oncoming season.

Jaz Randhawa, Emma Snowden, Leanne Eden


Adders Juniors 19-20

Congratulations to all of our Juniors and thanks to all of you Parents for making our Junior section one of the best in the area. Not only have we got some great players but we've also got the best supporters and coaches who turn up to watch and help (or both) whenever the Juniors are playing. As well as U8's, U10's, U12's and U4's teams, this year we also ran two successful Hockey Heroes courses for U8's. Now the Adders Juniors make up over half of the Clubs Members. Let's hope that this mad world returns to normal soon and we'll all be back playing and enjoying our hockey very soon!

Teams U8, U10, U12
Season 2019-20
Junior Players of the Year U8 Brody Varden Mairi Gibbs-MacLeod
  U10 Joseph Driver Harvard Martin
  U12 Ethan Connor William Maynes
Junior Hockey Club Most Improved U8 Archie Driver Jack Gallon
  U10 William Flavell-Dodson Kieran Orchard, Kahlan Kobrin
  U12 Finley Moore Georgina Flavell-Dodson
Junior Hockey Club Goalkeeping   Henry Sheppard  

What a season we have had. Yet again so many old faces returned to us, so we must be doing something right and so many new ones joined. We now have three very distinct groups, U12, U10 and U8s, with many of our U12s successfully playing in the Badgers teams this season.
Our new kit continues to be ‘Simply the Best’ in Warwickshire and I love our Adders Hats. I just wish they had the children’s names in them…a bit like their school uniform!
We have had a great season with some good results. The U12 and U10s have all played in three Warwickshire Mini Hockey Tournaments, Warwickshire County In2Hockey Tournaments, and also Solihull Schools Invitation Tournaments. The high notes were the U12 Boys winning the plate competition at SS, and the girls narrowly missing out on a place in the semi-final in the county tournament and finishing 5th out of 11. Also both teams finishing second at the Nuneaton tournament.
The two Hockey Heroes courses we ran as part of the England Hockey initiative to promote our sport to younger children in a fun way were both very successful and have helped us to bring many new players into the junior section.
This season no training session were lost to the weather, but two tournaments had to be cancelled due to frost and Storm Ciara. There were certainly not as many wet Wednesdays! Unfortunately Covid-19 brought a very abrupt end to the season.
None of this could take place without the help and support of all our coaches both Junior and Senior ones. As a club we would like to say a big thank-you to them all…

U8's / Hockey Heroes Leah Azzorpardi
  Mimi Currie
  Thomas Parsons
  Rory Kobrin
U10's  Rory Kobrin
  William Currie
  Jacob Trollope
  Kayden Forryan
  Tom Stokes
U12's  Neve Connor
  Ellis Brown
  Alex Kobrin
Goal Keepers William Parsons
Senior Coaches Cameron Hobbs
  Mike Brooks
  Yvonne Davies
  Donna Harvey
  Dave Dipple
  Edward Parsons
  Luke Jones 
  Jill & Mick Thomas
Senior Helpers John Cremins
  Tracy Kobrin
Also, a big thank-you to you as parents for your ongoing support throughout the season. A couple deserve a special mention…
Most Helpful Grandad: For the third year running and receiving his “Hat Trick”. ...always there carrying equipment and brushing away the big puddle near the gate. Now also our resident gardener. He even bought us a rake this year Grandad John Cremins
Most Helpful Mums: Tracy and Kerry Kobrin
Quickest Response Mums: Kerry Kobrin…again and Hannah Matthews.
Slowest Response... well there are a few of those but I won’t name and shame you publicly. On a serious note...with so many children to pick from a quick response is always appreciated as it gives me the opportunity to ask other children. Always aim to respond as quickly as possible please.


2020 AWARDS  
Great attendance at training Our Hockey Families:
  The Curries, Bardons, Drivers, Maynes, Flavell-Dobsons, Moores, Matthews and Kobrins
  Kieran Orchard
  Martha Nield
  Olivia Hardy
  Brody Varden
  Noah Parker
  Mairi Gibbs-MacLeod
  Jamie Roberts
Double Training Sessions Ethan Connor
  Ashton Azzorpardi
  William Maynes
  Edward Kobrin
Hockey Heroes Rosie Matthews,  Hazel Matthews,  Polly Barden,  Jamie Roberts, Maire Gibbs-MacLeod, Callie Stephenson, Brody Varden, Isla Brown, Meadow Grantham, Jessie-James Grantham, Oscar Moore, Olivia Harvey, Matthew Bourne
Helpful Juniors Noah Parker, Ashton Azzopardi
Dedicated Goalkeepers  
Not a position everyone wants to play as is quite hard and challenging. We really need some more girls. Hariett Townsend who started out as a junior is now playing Ladies 3rds team.  
  Harriet Townsend & William Parsons playing in Senior teams. Will has also been selected for Midlands and British Colleges.
  Henry Sheppard now in Warks County Squad
  Ethan Connor, who stepped in to help me out and has been training ever since
  Felix Roberts
  Ellen Simmons, who played in county U12s...and did amazingly well!!!
  Edward Kobrin
  Kieran Orchard
  James Bourne
Most Goals Scored U10s Julian Roberts(6), William Flavell-Dobson(3), Joseph Driver(3), Isabelle Wheeler(1)
  U12s Ethan Connor(9) (playing at Right Back!), Isabelle White(7), Andrew Currie(6), Lewis Twigger & Jimmy Prince(3), Connie Barden, Ashton Azzorpardi, Georgina Flavell-Dobson(2), Emily Bewsher & Lenny Prince(1)
Youngest Adders Callie Stephenson, Jessie-James Grantham



And finally if we were at Atherstone Sports Club I would ask you to raise your glass for a toast to the Adders. So please still do this next time you raise a glass and send me a message with an “Up The Adders” and an emoji drink. Or post a picture on the junior Facebook page...

Stay Safe and Alert

Jill B THOMAS Junior Manager

(p.s. Here's a short video from the 2019-20 Season)